In most cases, we expect to get back exactly what we give to others. Typically, let's take for instance 'love'. We want a reciprocating affection. Perhaps to be loved in return the same way we do... But it has never always being like that. Or like the common saying "you owe me one" meaning you must repay me in due time. 

A favour, help, bail out and all sorts; when you fill a vacuum in the life of somebody, two things could follow: being indebted or taken for granted. Either way, keep it up! Keep up the good work because one way or the other, your good deed is challenging an indicent life for transformation.

"One day, you'll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one" Where you are right now or what you do aren't gonna be for eternity, one day there will be a transition. Your absence will be felt when someone else takes that position.

Or perhaps, when the vacuum you once filled goes your worth becomes invaluable &…

Life quote


Moment counts




Whenever a man finds himself in a strange circumstance the next measure in order to cope is to try and fit in. Someone might be curious, 'why would you do that?' And the response is like 'I'm just trying to get along' This isn't humane. This is 'animane' Animals are know with this behaviour; blending in like chameleons.

Note right here that when you blend-in in that space of life no one will ever know you were there. You'd be trampled upon and or crushed like a chameleon before anyone could notice you're there. So why trying so hard to fit-in when you were actually born to stand out?

Why fitting in? Probably because you thought your ideas aren't welcomed, maybe you thought that's the norm of the land or you don't want to fail, be deserted, rejected, take a fall...? You can't fall if you don't climb, but there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground. So make a move but not to…


Earlier this year, I wrote about a conditional reality of new year's resolution. 'What if...?' What if it doesn't  work; OK, what if it works?. Endless possibilities. It all depends on individual's believe or faith. Not effort, not strength, not wisdom and or not power.

I come today with a word of faith that "it is closer than you thought" You dreams, your resolutions, your aspirations and your desires for the year are all closer than you've thought.
when are you speculating for those things to come true? Towards end of the year I guess. In a while, the speed of time makes it all disappeared. Here comes the year end, nothing was accomplished so far. Then the birth of another resolution... This is futile!

Faithlessness is futility. Even when all surrounding circumstances are pointing towards deadlock, with faith in God; your desires are closer to reality than you actually thought.
If your target is July, what if God's is March? If your target is Ma…

Man, the first; the head. Part 4

His weakness

God created man in His own likeness. To be a perfect being, holy, immortal, strong and powerful. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them". Gen. 1:27 

But why is the man weak? Though he's no equal with God. But there is something so common in human nature that we find it easy to confide in women. Children find it easy to speak to their mothers. Workers prefer to solicit through their boss' wife rather than going to the boss himself. Personally I find it easier that way too. I love speaking to our Pastor's wife first than going directly to him. And as well people relay messages to me through my wife instead of reaching me directly. I didn't understand why at first. 

But now we could see that the strength of the woman is the weakness of the man; there is a phatomable weakness in the man that everyone loves to exploit. Like a common saying goes that "when a man truly loves a woman…