In furtherance to previous articles on ego versus integrity where we've learnt how easy it is to become egomaniac, this piece has been developed. Unknowingly to some, all they express is ego whereas they'd loved to be  a person of integrity. 

The word integrity was derived from the Latin word, 'integritas' from 'integer'. The word integer arithemetrically means a set of whole or not fraction numbers. Whole means an entirety without any parts missing... without bias, without stain but complete and pure. 

Now, integrity; simply put, is a steadfast, an unwavering or an unimpaired personality. As ego could become a personality so also could integrity become one's personality. When you're a man of integrity you're complete like a set of whole numbers. It implies that every other virtues can be found in you. A man of integrity is blameless and unwavering under any circumstances. You'd agreed with me that this is the major quality any nation will love to see in any leader; even wives will want their hubands adorned with such personality.

But it is disheartening that great personalities of sound integrity are becoming invisible among leaders, husbands, wives, labourers... of nowadays. So let's look at five attributes among others about a man of integrity.

 1. Honesty: "He is a man of his word" It's been long I last heard such of any man. A man of integrity is a man of his word by action. It is easy to mark out or intend a plan but the difference between an ordinary man and a man of integrity is executing such plan even under an unfavorable condition. People who do not bend are honest people. "He is whom he is" And who is he? A man of integrity.

 2. Rectitude: Similar to being honest, a man of integrity is man that you'd always judge right. "You're right" another person could say "yes he's right" Even if his opinion is not accepted yet he's right at end. He doesn't prove himself right but he's being judged right always by others. Here, if an egomaniac could avoid the word 'I', he'd be close to becoming a man of integrity. "I am this... I am that..." when we already know who you are. Instead let people remind themselves who you are or how powerful you are or how kind you are.

 3. Probity/decency: It is having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards. Simply put, moral uprightness. Here I like to say that a man  of integrity is strict to upholding a moral obligation. Whatever the matter, he is bent on doing things the right way. Not enticed by current trends to short cuts. Nay to social vices. Nay to propaganda. But a man of integrity cares about decency and avoiding anything that could tarnish his name or image (his person)

 4. Wholeness: Intact or entirety. A man of integrity is a complete man. Hardly could anyone point to lapses in such an individual. No weakness whatsoever. No vulnerable point. A round peg in a round hole he is. He's good at what he does. 

 5. Virtue: This list will be incomplete without virtue. To sum it up, a man of integrity is a man of virtue - a particular manifestation of excellence in a person; an admirable quality. Simply put; virtue is a good moral conduct. From some teachings, virtue is a certain road to happiness and vice is to misery in this world. Virtue is divine. John Fleetwood said "the divine virtues of truth and equity are the only bands for friendship, the only support of society".

A man of integrity isn't just an ordinary person, but a spirit filled one. His perfect judgement isn't based on just logics but in the divine wisdom from God. 

Integrity is pure, so is a man of such personality - strive to be one!

Meet you again