Earlier this year, I wrote about a conditional reality of new year's resolution. 'What if...?' What if it doesn't  work; OK, what if it works?. Endless possibilities. It all depends on individual's believe or faith. Not effort, not strength, not wisdom and or not power.

I come today with a word of faith that "it is closer than you thought" You dreams, your resolutions, your aspirations and your desires for the year are all closer than you've thought.

when are you speculating for those things to come true? Towards end of the year I guess. In a while, the speed of time makes it all disappeared. Here comes the year end, nothing was accomplished so far. Then the birth of another resolution... This is futile!

Faithlessness is futility. Even when all surrounding circumstances are pointing towards deadlock, with faith in God; your desires are closer to reality than you actually thought.

If your target is July, what if God's is March? If your target is March, what if God's is January? God is always on time...full of surprises. When some thought that God's time tarries. I believe He's always on time.

Here is the magic, the more you hope your dream is closer, the more ready you are. The more focused. The more anxious and alert. Not even the speed of time can take you off the track. "It is closer" you keep reminding yourself. 

The more faith you have; somehow, someway, it will be done. The more you believe in Gods way. Alas! When the deal is done. You'd fell like 'I'd never anticipated it will be this quick' 'I'd never thought it could be this possible' 'I'd never thought we could reap this early'.....

Keep the hope alive, you shall receive your miracle much earlier than you envisaged. May this be your testimony this year in Jesus name. Amen

Till we meet again