Never undermine anyone

Never undermine anyone

I have heard myself preached it several times that no matter your status, position, rank and attainment; treat everyone equally. May I put it this way, treat everyone the way you'd like them treat you. It was so simple! Yea, everyone matters to God that's what I so much believed. It is who or what we think we are that had made us to set boundaries from one another. I am your senior, I am your boss, I am your this and that... Forgetting the fact that a senior was once a junior; a boss now was once a subordinate... 

How would you like people treat you? If you've ever asked yourself such question then you'd realized that life is give and take. Whatever you give is what you take. That brings us back to law of reciprocal. Respect they say, is reciprocal. What you cannot give you cannot have. You only deserve respect when you've shown respect...

I was in my boss's office days ago; of course with his name inscribed on the door. Suddenly some set of strange people (probably of my age group) who doesn't work on my floor (but one way or the other knew my boss) came in. "What are you doing sitting in a consultant's office?" was the first question I heard. Looking at their faces shorn like military men. I scuffed, rocking the chair around to connotatively pass a message. Action speaks better than words they say. They were pissed the more. They yelled at me... with all sorts of comments. They were so judgemental in their approach - you're all paranoid was all I said to them...

We desire respect thinking we deserved one whereas we aren't example of one. Maybe I should have simply responded politely that "I am a staff on this floor" but instead the thought in my head was that how else will I had access to this office if I were not a staff or closely related to the owner in the first place? If they've thought of that too, they wouldn't had bothered me either.

We were all wrong. They thought I wasn't polite enough, I thought they harassed me in my own jurisdiction. 

No matter how small or huge anyone might be, low or high in rank, courtesy demands; never undermined anyone, if you do, you might be blocking a future opportunity.

Meet you next time.